About us

Best Daily Prayers is a dedicated Christian platform focused on helping our community find inner peace through their faith. We believe that science and religion can work together to connect people around the teachings of God. With technology at our service, our mission is to guide our community towards their spiritual journey, providing them with inspiring prayers, Bible verses, powerful real stories, and the best prayer apps. We want to inspire and strengthen your faith wherever you are, with just a few clicks.

Unbiased & Independent

Our team has consistently researched the most inspiring prayers and Bible verses to inspire Christian during different moments in their daily lives. We also tested the best apps to strengthen faith and find inner peace. For each new platform, we reviewed its functionality, subscription plans, and the content promoted. 

Our strong community also began sharing their healing stories with us. With their permission, we’ve opened a new section of powerful stories to inspire others through difficult times and to always trust God. 

We believe that our Lord is present in everything, but sometimes people don’t feel Him because they’re fully connected with their daily obligations. Our goal is to provide inspiration to feel His omnipresence around us again.


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Sarah Chambers

As a Christian, a mother, and a worker, sometimes it’s difficult to devote enough time in my day to pray to God. To help me

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Ted Atkins

As a religious leader and keeper of sheep, I have the duty to educate my community in the faith in God. In our fast-paced society,

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